Visit of the Swiss Ambassador to IUJO Petare

On July 16th, 2022, the Swiss ambassador visited the IUJO Petare facilities. During the meeting, he met with the authorities of Queremos Graduarnos, Fe y Alegría, IUJO Instituto Universitario Jesús Obrero and the students who are part of the leveling course in the east  side of the city. Mr. Juan Silva, President of QG together with Ms. Nyloha Jimenez, Professor Ana Maria Garcia and Marinela Stempel, received the Ambassador and his team upon arrival. The delegates from each of the rooms introduced their groups and made a brief summary of the activities they are carrying out in the workshops. The ambassador, Mr. Jurg Sprecher, was accompanied by Mr. Rouven Born and Ms. Lucie Jakob and Rahel Ineichen, who are members of the embassy staff. On behalf of Fe y Alegría, Father Jesus Obregoso, Rector of Fe y Alegria University Education, Professor Maria del Pilar Loyo, National Director of Fe y Alegría University Education, and Professor Jenny Jimenez, Director of IUJO, Petare Extention. Queremos  Graduarnos, was the host and accompanied our visitors throughout their visit in each of the classrooms, thanking the ambassador and his colleagues for an extraordinary morning for young people, and the experience of having such committed sponsors.

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